New Stock Music Podcast

Music Leasing & New Corporate Music [#1]

August 18, 2021 Lee Pritchard Episode 1
New Stock Music Podcast
Music Leasing & New Corporate Music [#1]
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In this first episode, discover 10 new inspiring corporate tracks due to be released on 28/08/2021 from our music libraries MediaMusicNow and BeanstalkAudio. Until this date, these tracks can be snapped up exclusively for your project, client or business. More info here

Your thoughts on the content and how we could shape this for future episodes are appreciated.

New Stock Music Podcast Transcript #1

00:11 Welcome. This podcast is to showcase brand new stock music. It’s either music I’ve composed myself or it’s music we’ve commissioned to add to our library. The music you’re listening to is pre-release, so it’s not available for 10 days. It’s always 10 days from the date the podcast is aired that the music will be released. Within that 10-day period if you’re interested in having a piece of music exclusively then get in touch. We have leasing options available where you can keep the music exclusively on a lease for your business or your client. So just get in touch within that 10 day period. After the 10 days, it will go live in our libraries. The libraries are and and they will be available there for non-exclusive licensing. 

01:02 I’ll talk more about my plans for the podcast in a little while, but for now, let’s get started with a piece of music.

01:17 [Music]  Rise to the Top

02:47 That one was called Rise to the Top. That is one of mine and unusually they’re all going to be mine on this episode. In future episodes, I’m going to try and mix them up a little bit so they’re not all mine. And they’re all going to be in the corporate genre on this occasion too.

03:03 The next one was inspired by quite a popular uplifting track. I’m not going to tell you the name of it yet, see if you can guess what track it was inspired by and I’ll tell you the name at the end because it might give it away. [Music] Chariots of Glory

05:50 So that one was called Chariots of Glory and was inspired by the piece of music Chariots of Fire.

06:13 Now this one is called Follow Your Dreams. [Music]

08:57 I’ve been involved in music and audio recording for many years, but I’m not normally in front of the microphone, so this is a bit strange for me really, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

I’m doing the podcast really to give people a chance to hear new stock music and the opportunity then to license it exclusively within the pre-release period. Not only that, I know that a big problem people find is actually when they’re looking for music it takes ages, so I’m thinking if an audio podcast is something people can listen to in downtime, maybe while commuting or doing some mundane sort of tasks in the office then it might be a good way to sort of earmark potential tracks for the future. So that’s the aim. I’m open to hearing any thoughts you’ve got on the podcast or suggestions, just send me an email, the best email is support at mediamusicnow dot com and we’ll see what we can do.

I don’t know where it’ll go. It’s kind of a trial for maybe 10 episodes or so and we’ll see what happens and maybe if there are questions you want answering about music licensing then maybe you can get in touch with those and I’ll see what I can do in answering your questions. And we’ll see how useful we can make this podcast.

10:18 So let’s go to the next track now. The next track is called Good Days Are Here. [Music]

13:04 This track is called Here Comes the Sunshine [Music]

14:36 Right, competition time… No I’m only joking, there isn’t a competition. There might be if we get enough listeners, we’ll see. It’s very much work in progress, so any suggestions are welcome. At the moment, I’m trying not to play every track in its entirety because I don’t really know whether that will be welcomed. Will it become tedious? So I’m trying to play sort of snippets of tracks to keep the podcast shorter, but perhaps you want more tracks and maybe less talking. I don’t know, you’ll have to guide me and we will shape this as we go.

15:57 So the track playing now is called Keep Looking. [Music]

16:25 So, as I mentioned earlier all of these tracks are pre-release. They’ll be released 10 days from the airing of this podcast and during that 10-day period, if anybody wants to lease any of these tracks exclusively for their client or their project or their business, just get in touch.

18:36 So this next track is called Stand Together. [Music]

21:11 This track’s called The Future is Ours and again it’s corporate but I think it’s got a slight emotional aspect to it as well if you listen. [Music]

23:40 Okay, we’ve come to our penultimate track now. It’s called Time to Shine. [Music]

25:53 With these corporate tracks, they’ve all got a similar sound to them. I’ve kind of designed a sound palette that makes creating these tracks a little bit quicker than it would ever be doing them from scratch. So I can offer good rates on commissions for these tracks as well. So if you’re interested in that you want something creating from scratch do get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. But as I said for the next 10 days all of these tracks are available exclusively so do get in touch about that if you’re looking for an exclusive track and one of these fits the bill.

26:29 The Time Has Come is the name of the next track and it is actually the last track so the time has come. That is the end of the first-ever podcast, so I hope you found this useful. I look forward to any comments that you’ve got or any suggestions. So until next time enjoy this track and please follow the links in the description for any of the track information and to get in touch. And please subscribe and make sure that you catch the next podcast when that comes out. Thanks for listening!

27:00 [Music] The Time Has Come