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A Mixed Bag of New Pre-release Music [#2]

August 25, 2021 Lee Pritchard Episode 2
New Stock Music Podcast
A Mixed Bag of New Pre-release Music [#2]
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In this episode, discover 12 inspiring new stock music tracks due to be released on 28/08/2021 from our music libraries MediaMusicNow and BeanstalkAudio. Until this date, these tracks can be snapped up exclusively for your project, client or business. More info here

Your thoughts on the content and how we could shape this for future episodes are appreciated.

New Stock Music Podcast Transcript #2

Welcome to podcast number two. The idea of the podcast is to showcase new stock music, it’s either music I’ve composed myself or music commissioned for our catalogue. Much of the music I’m featuring has not yet been released this means it’s available for an exclusive license which could be useful if you’re looking to be the only user of a new piece of music. Perhaps it’s for your business or your client’s business. Once the music is released it will be available on a non-exclusive basis instantly from our websites and

00:46 [Music] The piece you’re listening to right now is an emotional piece with piano and orchestral strings and is called Hope Is Coming.

02:06 The podcast is going to be shaped based on listener feedback and some of the feedback we had on the last podcast was that 10 days was quite a long time to wait for it to be released non-exclusively. And most of our listeners will probably want it non-exclusively and won’t want to wait so long before they can get their hands on it, especially if they’ve identified a track as ideal for one of their projects.

So, on that basis, we’re reducing the time where it’s available exclusively to three days. So if you want to access the music exclusively you need to get in touch within the three days. Other than that after the three days, we will put the wheels in motion to create other versions and get them onto our websites. The music can then be licensed instantly for non-exclusive use.

That said the track you’re listening to is also brand new. It’s not yet released so it is available exclusively if you like it for your project. Three days is the time from the airing of the podcast so get in touch as soon as you can and we’ll see what we can do.

03:16 This track is called Return to Life

04:59 [Music] This track is called Bubbles and it’s got a bit of a retro feel in my opinion. It sort of makes me think of fashion and lifestyle, that type of thing.

If you hear anything in these podcasts that you want to license for use in your projects do get in touch. If the music hasn’t been released we will organize it so you can license it and download it. We’ll sort that out for you. It doesn’t matter whether you want it exclusively or non-exclusively if you tell us you want to use it, and you want to license it, and you let us know what license you want, and what track it is, we’ll sort it out.

06:48 If you’re listening to this podcast when it’s first aired much of the music or all of the music will be pre-release, so it’ll only be available by contacting us. After the release date, it should be available online on our websites. Check the description for links.

07:21 [Music] This track is called Corporate Machine and it is quite corporate. I could
imagine it used with something to do with electronics, business, it’s got a bit of a retro feel as well I think.

09:28 We seem to be following a bit of a retro thread at the moment. This is a bit retro sounding as well, it’s a bit ballady, sort of soulful as well. It’s called If I Come and Go.
09:43 I’m not sure that ballady is a word but I think you know what I mean.

12:18 This track’s called Reach Your Potential. It’s one of my corporate tracks and I can do good deals on custom versions of these so get in touch if that’s of interest.
12:29 It’s very corporate as you can hear, it’s uplifting. Enjoy!

13:43 I hope you’re enjoying the podcast. I am trying to evolve it and make it what people want it to be, so if you’ve got any suggestions I’m happy to hear them, as long as they’re sensible. And, if you’ve got any questions about music licensing or you’ve had problems using music in the past, get in touch and I’ll see if I can help with that. I’ve been in the licensing business for a lot of years now so I do know a few things about it and the more podcasts to do I should actually get better at talking into a microphone, which is still quite strange.

14:24 [Music] This is a nice piano piece called Passing Through. It’s a bit reflective, nostalgic, it’s got some hope in it as well. It’s a nice piece.

17:15 [Music] This piece is called Writing the Future. It’s bright, got a corporate sort of sound to it. I can imagine it used for a travel vlog or something like that.

19:58 This piece is called Walking in My Land and it’s a bit of a holiday, happy piece. You can imagine lots of sunshine, people enjoying themselves. It’s just happy and bright really.

22:02 This piece is called High Buildings and I can imagine this with footage of high buildings, you know, drone footage, time-lapse even. Fast-moving traffic, you’ve seen those clips, time-lapse with traffic where you just see the blur of the lights. I can imagine it working for all kinds of scenarios like that. It’s got quite a lot of energy to it as well.

22:31 [Music] This is quite a majestic piece, again I could see this in drone footage. You can imagine flying across a nice green landscape, just nice gentle footage, quite relaxed. It’s called Blue Clouds… you don’t see many of them do you… probably should be called blue skies really, but it’s actually called blue clouds.

27:04 This is a classic sounding successful, uplifting piece of music with orchestral sounds in it driving forward. The piece is called Always Forward. I can imagine this sort of music depicting a journey, travel again, even drone footage so quite a useful piece of music really. Very inspiring.

28:10 That’s the end of the podcast, if you’ve got any questions about any of the music featured do get in touch. The email address is support at mediamusicnow dot com
If you want to license any of the music featured do get in touch as well. It doesn’t matter whether you want it exclusively or non-exclusively just get in touch and we will sort it out for you. If it’s past the release date there should be links in the description to the actual tracks that you can then license and instantly download. Thanks for listening!

Hope Is Coming
Return to Life
Corporate Machine
If I Come and Go
Reach Your Potential
Passing Through
Writing the Future
Walking in My Land
High Buildings
Blue Clouds
Always Forward