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New Music & YouTube Copyright Strikes Explained [#3]

September 11, 2021 Lee Pritchard
New Stock Music Podcast
New Music & YouTube Copyright Strikes Explained [#3]
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In this episode, you will hear 12 great, brand new stock music tracks in a variety of genres. I also explain YouTube copyright strikes and hopefully clear up the confusion this causes for many.

This new music will be released in our music libraries MediaMusicNow and BeanstalkAudio (usually within a week of the podcast). Until this date, these tracks can be snapped up exclusively for your project, client or business. More info here

If there are any aspects of music licensing you would like me to cover on future podcasts, please get in touch:

00:09 This is podcast number three.  We're starting off with a gentle piece using piano and strings. It's very nature-inspired I think. It's called New Distance and I think it would work well with drone footage or scenes of the countryside, so enjoy.
00:28 [Music]

02:36 This next piece is a bit of a clubby, poppy type piece, it's a foot-tapper. You're welcome to throw a few shapes I won't tell anybody. I think it'd be a great piece for fashion or lifestyle videos it's called Blue Motion.
02:56  [Music]

04:30 Much of the music in these podcasts hasn't been released at the time of the podcast so the best thing to do if you want to license it and use it is to check the description if it's released there'll be links to it, if it's not you just need to get in touch and tell us you want to use it. Also, if it's still pre-release there's an opportunity for exclusive licensing if that is something that interests you just get in touch and we'll give you more details. [Music]

05:24 Well, I'm sorry about this, this is very Christmasy and seasonal I know and it is only September but we have got to beat the shops. Advertisers look for Christmas music quite early on in the year so here's a Christmasy piece called Cold Snow
05:43 [Music]

07:25 One of my aims with this podcast is to also discuss matters of concern for music users so if you've got any questions or you've experienced any problems using music, just get in touch with your questions and I'll try and cover them in the podcasts.
07:43 This piece is called Fast Road and it's a bit frenetic got lots of energy. It's got a bit of a Latin feel as well really. So uh yeah I can see this with like time-lapse, street scenes could be quite useful really.
08:04 [Music]

09:58 This piece is called In the Water. It's ambient so I could see it used with something water-based but despite that name, I think really the chilled out nature of it could work with brands, shopping to hotels. It's got quite an expensive feel to it I think. You know, you can see a posh Airbnb being shown or something like that, one of those millionaire pads - not that I've got one being a stock music composer.
10:34 [Music]

11:32 I often hear from YouTubers that get confused about copyright claims. A copyright claim is not a copyright strike. It happens when the music you're using is registered with a system that automatically detects its use.

Most composers and music publishers use this system to protect the music. When it's found in a Youtube video they can either block it, allow it to be used and just track where it is used or they can take the ad revenue from the video maker. If the video maker appeals and that gets rejected then that does turn into a copyright strike.

So, the safest way is to just use music where you've got direct permission or a license from the composer to use it and they then can whitelist your video or even whitelist your channel.

And that's what we do with Beanstalk Audio, we use Adrev to protect our music from theft and we also then use their system to whitelist channels for our customers.
12:33 [Music]
12:45 So this piece is called Sincerity and it's Electronica in style and I think it'd be great for vlogs and travel and lifestyle, so have a listen, I hope you enjoy it.
13:06 [Music]

14:41 [Music]
15:05 I think this would work well with drone footage. I can see hillsides and the countryside. It's got a sentimental nature to it but it's quite uplifting at the same time when it gets going. Gentle orchestral piano, it's nice.
15:47 [Music]
17:12 The piece you just listened to was called Majestic Mountain
17:19 [Music]
17:34 Awfully sorry, got the tinsel out again. It's Christmas time again... in September. So this one is called Christmas is Coming.
17:46 I suppose it is really it won't be long before the shops start it.
17:57 [Music]

19:37 [Music] Okay, we've gone backwards from Christmas to Halloween really, this is called Spooky House. It's a bit of fun. It's got an eerie sort of character to it.
19:49 But like say it's mainly fun, so really could work quite well for Halloween. A bit quirky. Trick or treat.
20:01 [Music]

21:54 [Music]
22:01 This piece is called in In Someplace Else and it's quite clubby, quite dancey, energetic. It would work well with something like fashion, lifestyle, good on vlogs as well I think. Have a listen, see what you think.
22:28 [Music]

24:19 [Music]
This is called Winter Ice and you could see it working with a cold, frosty, snowy landscape. It's quite atmospheric though as well.
24:48 [Music]

27:00 Okay, well I hope you've enjoyed the podcast. I hope you've enjoyed listening to our new music that's coming up. Trying to make a variety of it for you. Sorry I had to hit you with Christmas so early.

27:11 So I'll leave you now with this one, this is called Far From Earth. It's got the obvious space feel to it. You can imagine someone in orbit. It's quite ambient too. So have a listen. Get in touch if you've got any questions, and until next time enjoy this track.
27:35 [Music]

New Distance
Blue Motion
Cold Snow
Fast Road
In the Water
YouTube Copyright Claims Explained
Majestic Mountain
Christmas is Coming
Spooky House
In Someplace Else
Winter Ice
Far From Earth